Is ServiceTitan Publicly Traded {Best Alternatives 2023, Stocks and More}

According to sources familiar with the matter, ServiceTitan Inc., a U.S.-based software startup, has begun preparations for an initial public offer in early 2023.

Is ServiceTitan Publicly Traded

The ServiceTitan stock IPO date is not yet confirmed. However, the company has been working towards an IPO for some time. The ServiceTitan stock IPO date is expected to be in 2022 or 2023.

You will be able to trade ServiceTitan shares the same as any other publicly traded company on the stock exchange.

Software is provided by the company to aid trade companies in managing their work. Preparations for a public debut have already begun just in time to help the economy bounce back.

According to sources familiar with the matter, ServiceTitan Inc is a U.S.-based software startup that was valued earlier this year at $9.5 billion.

ServiceTitan has filed confidentially to become public. The company’s financial information is still confidential due to the nature of this filing. 

For the most recent updates on the company’s finances, please check back here. Let’s take a look at the details of the ServiceTitan IPO filings.

is servicetitan publicly traded

What is ServiceTitan?

ServiceTitan is the best platform to manage a service company. ServiceTitan, the leading field service management platform, offers an all-in-one web-based solution to manage your business. 

ServiceTitan is Trusted by more than 100,000 professionals and used by some of the most respected service companies in the world. It integrates industry best practices to streamline operations, increase sales, provide better customer experiences, lower costs and help you manage your business more efficiently. 

ServiceTitan offers a tablet app that has been awarded the best in the industry. This will give your technicians all the tools they need for their jobs and help them get the most out of every customer. 

You will be able to book jobs quickly, communicate with your technicians seamlessly, track calls and record calls, invoice paperless, visual sales tools, and process credit cards, on the spot. ServiceTitan, which combines dispatch, invoicing, and sales, as well as reporting and marketing, is simple to use.

It’s mobile-friendly and cloud-based. Imagine being able to dispatch calls seamlessly, invoice customers, and process payments in the field. You can also pull reports on your business performance and analyze your sales patterns all from one software.

ServiceTitan allows you to monitor the performance of your technicians, and comfort advisors, and even create leaderboards to promote competition and increase sales.

ServiceTitan can help with all aspects of your business, including worker dispatch, custom reports, CRM, worker dispatch, and marketing automation. It also offers mobile support for field techs and integrations into accounting systems.

ServiceTitan has been assisting a growing number of extraordinary service companies, such as George Brazil, Hunter Heat & Air, and Gold Medal Service to achieve remarkable business results.

The expansive suite of services is advertised for small-to-medium-sized businesses focusing on growth.

ServiceTitan software can help you identify areas that need improvement, and even how to train your staff. To maximize your return on investment, track which marketing channels drive phone calls. 

ServiceTitan supports the tracking of unsold estimates to ensure that you don’t lose any revenue. This and much more are available right out of the box.

ServiceTitan is critical for your field techs using Android tablets or iOS tablets. It allows them to view their jobs, provide GPS support to get them there on time, view and add customer notes so you never have the need to guess how long it took, create invoices, collect signatures, and pay in the field.

This gives your customers the ability to see where your tech is, and what they look like and provides that extra layer of trust and professionalism. ServiceTitan supports SMS messaging in two-way between technicians and dispatchers, as well as full job audit trails to help you identify inefficiencies and create custom workflows. 

Scheduled custom reports ensure you never miss any details and can set up alerts for canceled jobs or unbooked calls. Book a demo to learn more about ServiceTitan and how it can transform your business.

When is ServiceTitan’s IPO?

ServiceTitan’s IPO will likely take place sometime in 2022. However, a date has not been set. The Glendale, California-based company started preparing for an IPO in the fall of 2022. It is reportedly aiming to achieve a valuation of $18 million. Know about the security codes on a debit card.

How Much is ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan offers 2 pricing editions, ranging from $125 up to $398. You can see the pricing options below, and get more information about the product right here.

ServiceTitan’s most recent private funding round valued the company at $9.5b. After its IPO, the company hopes to achieve nearly twice that amount.

ServiceTitan’s average pricing per technician is $245/month, although prices can vary depending on the business.

In June 2021, the company raised $200m in funding. This round was led by Thoma Bravo, a private equity firm. It’s the largest amount raised of any Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company in Southern California. ServiceTitan raised $1.1b in total over eight funding rounds.

ServiceTitan’s Key Benefits

One of ServiceTitan’s key benefits is telephone call conversions can be monitored and unbooked calls can be reviewed to identify missed opportunities and staff members in need of training.

The technician’s sales performance can automatically be tracked and leaderboards created to encourage them to improve their performance.

You can track ROI and revenue for each campaign. The campaign that generated each call is automatically identified, without the need to ask customers.

Technicians can access their jobs via a mobile app. They can view driving directions, update notes, make service calls, create invoices, collect signatures and process payments.

Create executive workflows and schedule reports. Configure alerts for canceled calls or jobs.

ServiceTitan Alternatives

Here is the best 8 alternative to Servicetitan. You can use these services, which are the same as ServiceTitan.

1. Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce Field Service allows you to enhance mobile service operations by delivering faster, wiser, and more personal service via the phone and in the field using one platform.

Implementation of our product on top FSL was successful overall. It was used in a large-scale clinical observational study that was conducted in the homes.

It required almost 25K appointments per day. The automated engine, i.e. Optimizer, which looks at many factors to assign appointments, does a great job. However, Salesforce engineers sometimes have difficulty understanding why it is doing it.

2. Housecall Pro

The premier all-in-one field service management and CRM marketing tool for service professionals.

Housecall Pro was founded in 2013, and we’ve been helping home service professionals succeed ever since. We want to be a champion for Pros using exceptional technology that makes their job easier, more efficient, and more lucrative.

Our features are designed to assist Pros in managing every aspect of their business, from scheduling to dispatching to payments, but we also know it’s easier to manage a business when there is a support network. 

We created the strongest community of home service pros, all united by a common goal and always willing to help.

Housecall Pro services more than 25,000 HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Cleaning, or other field service businesses.

Every day we show up to support our Pros, investing wherever they need us. We are here to serve our customers and each Pro who trusts us will make them stronger.

3. Jobber

Software for field service management, scheduling, and invoicing that is simple to use.

Once you have used Jobber for a while, it is very easy to learn. The payment integrations are amazing and the workflow from job start to finish is excellent.

4. FieldAware

We evaluated several Field Management Software options before choosing Field Aware due to its simplicity, dynamic scheduling tool, and ability to provide documentation to the field crew.

5. Microsoft

Microsoft has been great in engaging us to help us deploy the platform worldwide. Excellent guidance and support after go-live were provided.

6. Service Fusion

Service Fusion allows service companies to manage customers, complete jobs and estimates, send invoices, track inventories, and much more.

Integrates well with QuickBooks billing. All of the admin staff love to see the reports and output showing our growth. Our technicians love the mobile billing app.

It is a pleasure to meet people who are so kind and willing to help you with your training.

7. Workiz

Workiz makes it easy to manage and schedule service appointments using a drag-and-drop calendar. You can also assign techs to jobs according to service areas.

Amazing product, with great features, awesome customer service, and great prices. Workiz is still a new product for us, but we love it so far.

Software that helps me grow my business. I was impressed by the software’s ease of use and friendliness.

8. ServiceBox

It is super easy to use and very practical. This system is a great tool to have in your toolbox.

The attachment feature is fantastic and allows you to upload and store a lot of information in your work orders. It is a robust system that we trust with all our hearts. You can some more alt.

Is ServiceTitan Down

No, ServiceTitan is not down. ServiceTitan is always up or profitable company. ServiceTitan has not made public any SEC filings regarding its profitability. 

ServiceTitan’s annual revenue has increased over the years, and ServiceTitan recently celebrated reaching $250m in March 2021. This is an increase of $100m ARR and 2,500 customers in 2019.

ServiceTiten Reviews

EXCELLENT customer service depending on your CSM. We’ve had many. Current is based in ATL, and they are incredible! Software is easy to use, visually, and self-explanatory. Although the implementation was easy, there were some issues. 

If I could, I wouldn’t import Memberships. Manual import would have been simpler due to revenue recognition problems and incorrect membership reporting numbers due to inactive members (the imports). The implementation team was great.

Our clients could see which tech was en route and where they were located by receiving notifications from us. Customer service features are simple and easy to use. Job details can be as detailed as you wish. Facilitate function.


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